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Vintage battery operated tin Gorilla from the 1960s made by "Modern Toys" which I believe is the same company as Masudaya of Japan. This toy originally came with a small gun that shoots corks, and the Gorilla has a target on his chest which triggers the battery operated actions. In this case, the items is only partially working. The battery compartment is clean without corrosion, however when batteries inserted his eyes light up but nothing else. When item was used a few years back, it did actually work such that when chest was triggered the arms raised with roaring sound, but when tested now it only has eyes lit. Not sure what it takes to repair, so the item is being sold as-is, broken for parts and fun. The item displays nicely for its age, does have some rust spots though, please see photos. Comes with only the Gorilla standing firmly on its mushroomed log base.

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Masudaya Gorilla Battery Operated Tin Toy Modern Toys

Estimated Value: $50.00