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Amazing engraving block from the late 1880s - all original with leather seat and toolbox! This is an early pre-patent model of "The Rex" by inventor L. W. Gery and manufactured by Adolph Muehlmatt out of Cincinnati Ohio. Found a Machinery magazine article from 1909 and from the photos have determined this is the larger "regular" model (there was also a smaller "keyless" model) and indeed the leather seat and toolbox are the originals that came with it. The tool is in great condition for its age, didn't try to clean it at all, will leave those important choices up to you. Using the chuck the tool opens and closes smoothly, the top rotates smoothly, I can't find any functional flaws with it. The leather seat is somewhat fragile, soiled in spots from age and use, and with surfaces starting to crack and deteriorate, but surprisingly solid condition for its age and considering for over 100 years it has been holding a 25 pound ball of steel. The tool accessories box is also in solid condition, the latch and hinges are OK, and appears to have most if not all the bits inside for holding watch parts or jewelry onto the block. These were the first engraving blocks ever to be produced, are quite rare, and unheard of to be found with all the accessories.

Here is a Machinery article from 1909 with photos and manufacturing descriptions:

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Antique Engraving Block Vise The Rex Jeweler Watchmaker

Estimated Value: $525.00

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