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Complete set of all 10 copper 1oz Zombucks - oh yes you will need these someday - the currency of the Apocalypse! Each coin is worth 2 (Z)ombucks, perhaps someday each Z will buy you something such as a box of twinkies. This coin series was made by Provident Metals a couple years back, they released one type every 3 months in limited quantities. Some releases are more rare than others, because the circulation numbers depended upon buyer sales. Each release is a "Zombified" version of an historical US coin series such as Morgan Dollars, Buffalo Nickels, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, etc. 

We purchased tubes of all 10 coins that were released directly from Provident, the tubes were opened using white gloves and the coins were placed directly into plastic air-tite capsules as shown. Each tube contained 20 coins, and we set aside the worst 2 coins of each tube for blemish sets, mostly because the coins on top touched styrofoam chunks that Provident had added. So these sets for sale are the good sets! The coins are still bright and look great, although don't expect each to be perfect because Provident isn't in the business of making perfect coins. But honestly these are as nice as possible because we bought each on release day, so they should be early die strikes.

We cannot accept partial returns on this item, and if you open any of the 10 air-tite capsules we cannot accept a return sorry.

Zombucks Copper 1oz Complete Set of 10 Currency Of The Apocalypse

Estimated Value: $35.00

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