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Very cool vintage folk art airplane weather vane sculpture made from wood with mounting hole on bottom. Body made of wood but otherwise has a clever use of materials such as tin foil for cockpit windows, nails and cork for passenger windows, sheet metal for large tail fin to catch the wind, coat hanger wire for legs, and old thread spools for wheels! Wheels turn and propellor rotates freely in the wind. Not sure of age but at least 30-40 years old from the looks of it. A nice size: 17" long, 16 wide and about 9" tall. Wood painted a nice even gold color by the artist (actual color is a brighter/lighter gold than the dark photos depict). No major damage or cracks to the plane that you can't see from photos, in very nice authentic condition for its age - we have done no restoration. Please note the tail fin can be removed from the slit in the wood body, and we will carefully remove it for shipping.


17 x 16 x 9 in

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Wood Folk Art Airplane Weathervane Sculpture Vintage Scrap Parts

Estimated Value: $50.00

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