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Lot of 9 books by William Burroughs. Start a little Burroughs collection here and now! All books are in good shape without markings or damage.

Word Virus - The William Burroughs Reader, with spoken word CD, hardcover.
William Burroughs Live - The Collected Interviews, a very thick trade paperback.
The Place of Dead Roads, a novel, trade paperback.
Queer, a novel, trade paperback.
A Report from the Bunker, with William Burroughs, trade paperback.
Naked Lunch, the restored text, hardcover.
Exterminator!, a novel, ex libris, hardcover.
The Yage Letters with Allen Ginsberg, paperback.
Naked Lunch, vintage paperback.

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William Burroughs 9 Book Lot Naked Lunch Exterminator Queer More

Estimated Value: $50.00