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Gorgeous used vintage train engineer box marked SPCO for Southern Pacific Company, red metal with canvas shoulder strap and 2 lidded compartments. Size is 5 inch diameter by 20 inch length. From what we could learn this would have hung in front engine car containing: flares/lights in the smaller compartment that has red painted on the inside, and maps/documents in the larger unpainted compartment. If there was train trouble, the engineer could sling the box over his shoulder, jump out of the train, and have these important tools at his disposal, protected from the elements. Both ends have hinged lids with snap closers, the lids, hinges and snaps all still work good. The thick canvas strap and connecting hardware are also still in good condition for its age. The metal box has plenty of dings and scrapes, but all seem like honest wear giving an overall great used appearance. A very scarce antique railroad item found at estate in the SF Bay Area, have enjoyed it for years time for a new home.


5 x 20 in

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Vintage Train Engineer Box Southern Pacific Railroad SPCO

Estimated Value: $200.00

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