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Rare souvenir photos from the 1972 Elvis shows at the Las Vegas Hilton. Glossy 8 x 10 photos are in their original cheap display folder. This one is notable for having The King's name misspelled as "Presly"... oh the horror! I heard one rumor that The Colonel was furious about this error, threw a fit and had the photos removed from the souvenir booth and destroyed. I've heard another rumor that these weren't official and not sold at the souvenir booth, but rather were sold by pirate dealers in the show's parking lots. The souvenir action was very hot at these shows - everyone wanted to bring home a piece of The King. Photos in good condition, any wear that they have is normal considering they have been stored in the folder album all these years. Folder in good shape for its age, not immaculate, again just normal wear with some yellowing from age and on the inside there are some areas of discoloration caused by contact with the flip side.


8 x 10 in

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Vintage Elvis Souvenir Vegas Hilton Shows Bootleg Photo Album

Estimated Value: $25.00

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