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Original 1985 Toybox Generation 1 US release of Omega Supreme! 100% complete in box with all pieces, including instructions, all 6 of the small yellow armors (2 small 2 medium 2 large), styrofoam holder, and all the other pieces. The stickers have already been applied to the toy. Box has some wear to the flaps and corners, some tears that are a few inches long, but box still looks nice and is sturdy when stood on its side for display. Styrofoam has some minor damage in a few spots. Toy looks great put together, is in great condition, however the motorized base does not work. The battery terminals inside have corrosion and one terminal is missing. This is maybe repairable but we are selling as-is for parts and repair, no returns. Legendary original Autobot toy!

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Transformers Omega Supreme G1 1985 Complete In Box

Estimated Value: $200.00

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