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Rare European version of the amazing Tiger R-Zone Super Screen LCD handheld cartridge-based console. This version released with Battle Arena Toshinden as the pack-in game and the large black cardboard box is loaded with amazing graphics! In our opinion more rare and desirable than the USA version which was released in just a plastic case. Box is great condition has been stored with plastic around it, one side of cardboard box has factory sealed tape, the other side of box has tape cut. The contents inside are unused, complete and all sealed. The Super Screen console has factory tape seals on both the top and bottom sides, and the instructions-cartridge bag is also still tape sealed. Item is new old stock and untested because game is factory sealed. Sold as a collectible only, if factory tape is opened the item cannot be returned. 

Tiger R-Zone Super Screen Battle Arena Toshinden European Version NOS

Estimated Value: $250.00

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