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Amazing set of all 3 Cosmic Fire Away electronic tabletop video game releases! 1000 2000 & 3000 probably the first time ever in the history of mankind all three of these scarce electronic games are being sold together in a group all with their original boxes. These VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) games are basically Space Invader clones with bright colored lights and loud bleepy sounds and are fun to play. They were manufactured by Gakken in Japan but released in many countries under various labels. These are all Tandy Radio Shack brand which were released mostly in the USA. Cosmic Fire Away 2000 and 3000 are very rare to find boxed under the Tandy label, 1000 was much more widely sold. All games work and all have battery covers, these were very well crafted games built to last. From photos you can see what is included, all have styrofoam holders, 3000 is missing the instructions manual. 1000 is the nicest condition of the lot but all are in excellent condition please examine photos! 

Tandy Cosmic Fire Away 1000 2000 3000 Set of Electronic Video Games

Estimated Value: $249.00

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