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Rare NOA (Nintendo of America) "Pocketsize" version of the Spitball Sparky Game & Watch SuperColor series with a very nice box, game, styrofoam insert, instructions, and additional papers. The Pocketsize versions of Game & Watches have cooler box graphics and are more rare and thus desirable. Please note the "SuperColor" series doesn't formally use the "Pocketsize" brand name but this is the NOA version with cartoon box graphics. Please see photos and read description first before buying!

This is one of the more difficult handheld games to photograph because of the reflective chrome colored game body is hard for photo focus and lighting. Starting with the box, it is amazing condition with a few minor creases on the front near the top, some very minor edge and corner wear, much less wear than you usually see on these black boxes which tend to show the white edge wear easily. No price sticker or other damage, and box is not crushed and the flaps are great. We give the box 9/10 condition. Moving onto the styrofoam insert it is very nice and clean white with only 1 very small missing chunk near the battery slot. Instructions are nice and clean too, also has the yellow battery warning sheet and the battery cover stickers (missing one as you can see). The game is enclosed in a nice plastic bag which is NOT the original Nintendo factory bag but one added to protect the game surfaces.

Condition of the game itself - a very nice condition Spitball Sparky here with just a few minor issues to mention. The screen is very nice, LCD sprites are bright, no issues/stains/bubbles inside screen just one very small scuff mark near the top of screen, hardly noticeable. Game controls are very nice and tight, no label paint is rubbed off buttons. On the top face of game its all very nice except there are 2 very small dings in the metal, one is on the left side and one on the right side of LCD screen, there is a photo which shows the tiny left ding. On the sides of game body its all good except some metallic silver paint has started to rub off the lower side edge at bottom about 1 inch long area where the game was probably held on the sides most often - you don't notice this worn silver side paint unless you inspect the lower/bottom edges - tried to photograph it but was so slight that photo couldn't catch it.​ On the bottom of game its also mostly very nice with only a few scratches near the battery area, commonly this game has many bottom side scratches but here there is only a few which you can see in the photo. Serial number looks good. The battery cover is there and all good, tab is not broken, and there is no battery corrosion. We give the game condition 8.5/10 to be safe but seems like 9/10 because it looks and plays great, game isn't new but it wasn't played much either, we obtained from the original owner, just has those small issues we want to be honest for collectors and this one hard to photograph: 2 dings on front, few scratches on bottom near battery cover, small paint rubbing area on lower side edge, 1 small screen scuff. 

Thanks for looking at this rare Nintendo Game & Watch!


Spitball Sparky Pocketsize Nintendo Game And Watch Handheld NICE BOXED

Estimated Value: $500.00

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