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Very rare Sony Walkman accessory SEQ-50 Graphic Equalizer in Black color variety never used and still complete in box! Important - please be aware up front that the equalizer itself has melted from storage heat. This just came out of the estate of a retired electronics engineer who had many weird gadgets in storage for decades (this is the only Sony Walkman item we found). Box is pretty good considering age and rarity - has storage wear including some creases in the upper right corner flap, edge and corner wear all around, the back is starting to rip on both sides where the flap tucks inside, and general surface wear to the cardboard and front plastic window. But the good news is, everything is complete and untouched inside the box including upper plastic clear holder, lower plastic white holder, never removed cable, original foam cushion underneath the equalizer, and a SEALED instruction manual. So everything is very nice and clean inside box, except as mentioned the equalizer plastic chassis has melted, mostly it seems just the front side is melted (kinda trippy looking), the back though looks pretty good. We did not try to power or test the equalizer, we will leave that up to the experts (you). We assume the equalizer will not work without repair or replacement, the box and contents and parts here are so rare and cool that we feel this is very much worth salvaging. We are selling this item for parts & repair only for collectible purposes - not as a functioning electronic device - no returns on this item.

Sony Walkman SEQ-50 Graphic Equalizer Black RARE with Box

Estimated Value: $500.00

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