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Resound Unite MiniMicrophone wireless hearing aid accessory (not actual hearing aids), never used still complete in original box. Works with ReSound Alera and ReSound Verso hearing aid models, it extends the hearing range of these hearing aids well beyond the reach of any hearing instrument.

Here are just a few of the many ways to use the Mini Mic:
At a busy restaurant you can clip on a companion or even clip to an empty class in the middle of the table. At a card game clipped on your partner. In the car you can clip on a passenger in the front seat or better yet, in the back seat of car, van, or SUV. Connected to your iPOD when walking, running, working out at the gym, or around the house or at work, etc. Skyping on your computer or laptop. Watching TV - Just place the mini mic next to the TV, you can even walk around the house and still be able to hear it. At church. Can be placed near the speaker. At a sporting event - clipped on companion. At a business meeting, you can place at the far end of the table or room so that you can conversations farther away from you. At a party or social event, either place it on your companion or in the middle of the table. At the dinner table when the whole family gets together, put either in the middle of table or at one end. Cell Phone, iPhone, or Smart Phone.

Resound Unite Mini Microphone Hearing Aid Device New

Estimated Value: $150.00

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