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Amazing VF-7701 Stereo System turntable record player from the 1970s in white space age plastic - this an extremely scarce turntable and with the box and instructions even more rare. This was released in the US by Vanity Fair who did alot of cheap "drug store" electronics and is the same record player as their infamous Michael Jackson turntable only white instead of red. Features include "Modular Entertainment Stand, Solid State 8 Transistor Amplifier, Separate Volume Controls, Sapphire Needle Stereo Pick-up, 45 and 33 1/3 speeds, built-in 45 RPM Adapter, and Tinted Dust Cover"!

One reason these are so rare is how cheaply they were made using super fragile thin plastic! ​The white stand is a precarious design, with 2 pieces that are held together with small tabs along the middle. Amazingly this one has held up, however it has been taped to help keep the halves together. The white plastic is bright with no visible yellowing/sun damage and is clean for its age. The clear plastic lid has some surface scratches but it too is in a nice condition rarely seen for its age. We tested the turntable and although it powers on and the turntable platter spins at a good speed, the sound circuits have a short, although the music can just barely be heard through the needle and speakers. The player needs a little refurbishment which we will leave up to you, being sold as-is for parts and repair. Grab this rare specimen because you won't likely see another in comparable condition again.


Rare Vintage Turntable Vanity Fair VF-7701 White Plastic

Estimated Value: $200.00

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