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Vintage 5 1/4 inch external floppy disk drive made by Taxan model TDM-5 for IBM PS/2 (model 50 60 and 80) computers. The drive is very clean and looks unused! No sun damage or any discoloration. Very nice build quality, but the item is being sold for parts and repair because we are unable to test it, and is priced accordingly. Quite rare to find these and from what we could find out it most likely supports 360K disk size. These were sold for PS/2 computer owners to migrate the data on their old 5 1/4 inch disks. Does not come with any cables. An extremely rare PS/2 accessory. Taxan was from around Los Angeles California.

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Rare Taxan External Floppy Drive IBM PS-2 360K 5 1/4 in

Estimated Value: $64.00