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Rarely seen cable accessory for the widely sold "Sakitron Tennis" LCD handheld game. That vintage 1980s Tennis video game could be played with 4 units linked up together for 4-player Tennis match action - but ONLY IF you had this cable! High quality design, cool red metal chassis with a hardware switch and painted graphics, 4 colorful non-detachable sturdy cables. Accessory still has its box, it was never used. Nothing else is included inside box, the cables are still wrapped around to fit nicely inside the box, and the box is in very good clean condition for its age, truly amazing that it survived. Don't imagine there was much market for these (probably less than 1000 produced?) and most that were purchased would have eventually gotten tossed out with all the other antiquated gadget cables. Rarity of a new old stock boxed TG-0022 like this is once or twice in a lifetime. Item is untested and sold as-is with no functional guarantee, no returns.

RARE Sakitron Tennis Cable 4-Player Connector NEW TG-0022

Estimated Value: $125.00

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