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Very rare vintage 2-player connector cable for the Sagball (Soccer) electronic game and calculator by Sakitron of Japan. The Sagball game seems like the most successful product made by the obscure Sakitron, you can find them from time to time. But here we are selling the cable which allows 2 Sagball games to be connected for simultaneous multiplayer action. The cable appears to have been lightly used, and it is being sold as UNTESTED because we don't currently have Sagball game in stock to try it. The box is so rare to find and has great colors, but has damage like creases, tears etc, and is missing 1 small end flap and the other end flaps are very loose and tattered. Only 1 boxed cable is available, once its gone you won't see another boxed Sagball cable for many years!

Rare Sakitron Sagball Soccer 2-Player Connector Cable With Box

Estimated Value: $75.00

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