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2 very rare Bandai product catalogs made for toy dealers and importers, produced in 1984/1985 in beautiful glossy full color paper (close to standard paper size 8.5 x 11 inch). The 1985 Robo Machine Series (Go-Bots) catalog is amazing for transformers collecting, about 10 pages, lots of photos showcasing all of their transforming models available including the larger die-cast DX series. The 1984 Godaikin Series catalog is similar but with different, larger Japanese robot toys such as Dynaman, Abega, Vavilos, Voltes & Golion (Voltron), and more! Catalogs in great clean condition, just slightly warped (non-flat) from storage. These are guaranteed originals, not reproductions.

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RARE Bandai Catalogs Robo Machines Gobots Godaikin 1984 1985

Estimated Value: $100.00

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