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Great Radio Shack PRO-95 dual trunking 1000 channel handheld scanner model about 12 years old - looks almost new old stock! Tested with 4 AA batteries and working great, used it a few hours listening to various frequencies, lots of crazy things happening in San Francisco and San Jose as usual like "man wearing red kimono screaming insanity in front of a parking garage", and got some fire related crosstalk from the North Bay area during the awful destructive fires :( Anyways looks like someone has programmed it already, but assume this scanner will need to be reprogrammed if you really want to get into the trunking in your geographic area.

Condition is amazing, still has box with only a small tear near the upper closing flap, otherwise great like it came out of store, inside is cardboard protector, 2 AA battery inserts - yellow one is for rechargable AA and unused condition, black one for regular AA has a small amount of corrosion on 1 terminal but was cleaned doesn't affect things still works good, the yellow one can also be used with regular batteries as long as its not also plugged in. Antenna is here works great. See photo for all the papers included, yes even the receipt.

Check the reviews on these PRO-95 scanners - great handheld scanner to find especially with box and stuff.

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Radio Shack Scanner PRO-95 Dual-Trunking With Box Book Papers

Estimated Value: $100.00