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Amazing little scrap metal sculpture resembling a Star Wars droid like R2-D2! The lid hinges open revealing a 3-1/2 inch diameter container inside. Very sturdy well made design weighing a few pounds, using scrap metal like bicycle parts, nuts, bolts, and spark plugs. Metal been purposely treated to look scarred and "used" and has a dark finish to it which doesn't seem to be spray paint. Item in excellent condition with no loose parts and no apparent damage other than what was done purposely by the artist. The only thing we have learned of its origin is that it was made by an artist who was selling these on the streets of NYC back in the 1990s. I have seen another other of the droids in this series, which is very similar but not exactly the same design. Great handcrafted steampunk droid!


8 in height

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R2D2 Droid Scrap Metal Sculpture Tabletop Steampunk

Estimated Value: $195.00

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