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Large ceramic ashtray featuring Partagas Flor de Tobacos designs. Smoking room style with spaces for 4 cigars. This one is in excellent condition with the original box and styrofoam inserts. Judging by the bottom the ashtray appears to have been used some but was taken care of and probably spent most of its life sitting in its box, all the graphic elements are in excellent shape. There is one very small surface chip along the side edge of 1 corner, not a crack just a small spot where the surface is broken. The top of box has some dusty sticky residue, I would guess just from storage. These I believe were made during the 1990s cigar boom and are becoming quite scarce, especially still with the original box. 


9 1/2 in square

Partagas Ceramic Cigar Ashtray Large Yellow with Box

Estimated Value: $60.00

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