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Please read carefully this description before buying! This vintage collectible is being sold as a non-working rare collectible object, for parts and repair only, NOT being sold as a playable video game.

Very rare vintage Super Micro handheld video game system from 1983 released by a small Silicon Valley company named Palmtex. Home Computer Software actually developed the Model R-1001-P Super Micro aka PVS system but that is another story. "Palmtex" logo shown on the bottom of console, "Home Computer Software" logos on the boxes. You may have already heard that this is probably one of the worst video game systems ever created! Actually it is beautiful and a great electronic collectible from the mid 1980s video game industry meltdown, but we mention all these negatives as a selling disclaimer to warn you this is the most fragile and unplayable video game you'll ever find. The plastic is cheap while the screen, controls, display, software etc are all crazy and buggy. Assume it won't work or won't be playable - and then you won't get disappointed!


Visually it looks like this one was hardly played, and this console seems to be still working! We tested and it powers up, controls are working to start the game and move around, and sound there too. When tested with Aladdin's Adventure the screen is a bit scrambled and hard to decipher as you can see in photo. The screen flickers on/off if you turn with the brightness knob on bottom (don't mess with that too much). Amazingly all 6 lights on the light box work! However the light on/off switch is broken as usual with loose parts so keep in mind this light box could stop working at any moment, and surely the old lights will soon burn out if you use it. All the beige plastic is clean and bright. Still has some small white round "quality control" stickers. Once the clamshell is opened you can see the console was not used, the buttons are minty, the screen once had a factory sticker across it, that sticker is gone but you can still barely see where the sticker once sat (we did not try to clean or touch the screen). The box has some light shelf wear, corners bumped, slight discolorations, otherwise wow a nice Super Micro box with no price stickers, and still has the internal cardboard holder inside. Also has all the instruction manuals.

This boxed Palmtex Super Micro System (which contains the Aladdin's Adventure cartridge as a pack-in) comes with 2 additional boxed cartridges Outflank and React Attack. Outflank is the most rare Super Micro game, and you are getting all 3 cartridges that were ever released! The cartridge boxes have some light wear, both are about the same conditions at the console box which is good, both cartridges still have the styrofoam tops and bottoms, and the instruction manuals. The cartridges may have some storage/age damage to the screens, and we have not tested these cartridges so assume they might not work. However they appear otherwise to look nice and clean.

For an additional $75 we have available some new old stock boxed Aladdin's Adventure cartridges. You already get that game included with this console, however you might want to complete your collection with an additional boxed version. Because you see sometimes this console was released with React Attack as the pack-in game (not sure which type came first), so Palmtex also sold the Aladdin's Adventure game separately.

Additional Information:

These systems were made with a confusing 3 piece sandwich design: base console (hinged clamshell), pin-connected cartridge in the middle, and the light box on top. When assembling and disassembling never force these 3 pieces into place, go slowly. First snap the cartridge into the light box clasps, then gently push the assembled light-box-cartridge into the base console pins. The front of light box and base console each have a sharper angle than the rear, being aware of this asymmetry will help ensure you are assembling the light box orientation correctly, you may have to disassemble and try again if you get the angle orientation backwards. The cartridge pinouts at least have a somewhat fool-proof design but the light box orientation is not user friendly.

The light box contains small light bulbs inside which are hardwired, these bulbs are usually burnt out from age. Our advice to you is do NOT use the light switch very often or the switch parts will soon break and fall inside. We know from experience this is one of the many design flaws. The light box is not required to use the console, this is merely an external lamp. Holding the console (with light box removed) near a lamp is an adequate light source. You can also adjust the screen brightness using a small dial on the bottom of unit. Use caution when turning the brightness dial, never force it and don't adjust it too much. This is another design flaw that forcing these dials can break the screen visibility.

When you gently squeeze the front and rear sides of base console at the same time it will open up as a hinged clamshell. Do not ever force the base console open, do not ever use a tool to pry it open. By gently squeezing together the front and rear of base it will pop open reliably once you learn how. If you try using a tool to open this the brittle plastic will chip, crack, or get carved out by the tool.  

Important - never close the console battery cover while there are batteries inside!! Once you do that, it is nearly impossible to open the battery cover door without damaging the plastic. Using your thumb the battery cover will slide open and closed easily enough when it is empty, but with the 4 AA batteries inside there is a design flaw causing the battery cover to become tightly sealed shut. If you attempt to pry or force the battery cover open using a tool, the brittle plastic will chip, crack, or get gouged out by the tool. To prevent damage to your Super Micro, this is rule number one.


Have we mentioned this is the crappiest most unreliable most flawed video game system ever designed?! There has never been a more epic FAIL in video game hardware design. So bad yet amazing, we love the Super Micro System but feel obligated to warn you of the bitter reality. This is being sold as a fragile non-working rare collectible object, NOT as a playable video game. This item is being sold as-is. No returns accepted. The item you will receive is the exact item you see in the photos and we have tried our best to describe it accurately.


Palmtex Super Micro Video Game System Lot NOS Rare

Estimated Value: $400.00