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Pair of 2 Winkie Computer Friend Chips from the 1980s in brand new unopened packages. These were one of the first wearable technology gadgets, and were produced out of San Francisco by XTRONX. These are rare, as they were basically a flop because they were just too far ahead of their time. The creative packaging promises a host of fantastical functionality, but here is a description rooted in reality... Each Winkie chip face has 1 red and 1 green LED light for the eyes. You can press a small contact button behind each of the LEDs to make it blink on or to turn it off, such that you can make either both eyes blink, or just one eye, or none. The blink buttons are sensitive and were positioned to get accidentally bumped as you wear it.

Winkies can be worn as a pin, or as earrings, as a necklace charm, get creative! Wear both or share a computer friend chip with a human friend. So you are getting two Winkies with each purchase. The packages are a little warped, and some have price sticker marks. As a bonus we are throwing in 2 pairs of NEW batteries for them. The packages contain very old batteries that hardly work and we feel that the sooner you get winking, the better.

Pair of LED Winkie Computer Friend Chips by XTRONX

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