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OQO Model 02 computer, a small handheld PC! The screen slides out to reveal the keyboard and mouse. Very cool rare computer only about 5 inches long. The first time we tested it, Windows XP booted up normally and everything tested fine if not a bit slow. Second time tested it, now it won't boot into Windows anymore, during Windows loading it goes bluescreen with "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" error. Most likely you will need to re-install Windows, or better yet choose a lighter operating system like Linux! There is a chance the hard disk needs replacing too, so the price has been dropped so you can play with this system and get it going how you like it. Comes with lots of extra like a bag, keyboard, original power supply, interface splitter, and some gorilla glass on the screen. The computer looks like it has never been used, really minty!

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OQO Model 02 Handheld PC Computer Spy Tool

Estimated Value: $175.00

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