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Microsoft Word for Windows - very rare original version 1.0 from September 1989! Whoever originally purchased it carefully opened the box and disk envelopes, then probably backed up the disks, and then closed the box and forgot about it. Box marked "Distribution for USA only, Version 1.0, 0989, Part No 02882". Compatible with Windows 2.11 or higher :) Being sold today for significantly less than the original selling price of $495. This software is the masterpiece of programmer Charles Simonyi. Comes with both 5.25 and 3.5 inch disks. I am unable to test the disks. Also included are the hardcover and softcover books, paperwork and unused keyboard overlays - all of it in nearly untouched condition. Even the box doesn't have any tears or typical issues, just some wear to the corners and a little wrinkling to the top flap. 

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Microsoft Word For Windows Version 1.0 from 1989 Minty Condition

Estimated Value: $149.00