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Large lot of Mercs Recon role playing board games, these came from a friend who ordered through Kickstarter but obviously didn't have time to play (such is life). Comes with 2 main games (Assassination Protocol and Counter Threat) and 7 mission packs. Counter Threat appears to have been played once or twice, but Assassination looks unplayed. The mission packs look unplayed, and 2 of them are even still sealed. Also included is a white mailer bag containing a few additional Mercs Recon items (see last photo), not sure the story behind that, was found with the rest. We cannot guarantee that these games are 100% complete, but they appear to be and from our knowledge they should be complete, however due to the size and weight we are selling this lot as-is, no returns.

Description from Boardgamegeek website:
MERCS: Recon - Counter Threat is a fully cooperative, stand-alone game set in the exciting MERCS world. Recon uses a modular setup that allows for a highly replayable experience. Players are MERCS infiltrating an opposing MegaCon location. The MERCS team must fight through the tight corridors of the structure, capture and interrogate worker-citizen, find mission objectives, and breach and secure the package. Recon utilizes MERCS well known dynamic, high-quality miniatures, an engaging fog-of-war mechanic with variable agent movement, escalating security forces, and a tension-filled end game through a unique breach and clear mechanic.

Mercs Recon Kickstarter Set Base Games and Mission Packs

Estimated Value: $150.00

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