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Vintage Magnavox Odyssey 500 Home Video Game System in collector/museum condition. Recently pulled out of a California family estate, this console was clearly opened only once after purchase, played for a few days, and then carefully placed back into box and stored safely in a dry closet. Now it is resurrected for sale in pristine condition with box, original bag, styrofoams, instructions booklet, warrantee card, power adapter, and video switch box.

Box is very nice, white, solid, and clean. Has some surface wear, corner bumps, side flaps of box top are just slightly warped but luckily are not ripped or torn, and looks like price sticker was removed from a side flap. Smell is good, no water or mildew damage anywhere. The main graphic sticker on the console has some typical bubble warping from age. One styrofoam seems to be missing a small chunk near the video switch box, otherwise clean. Even the twist tie around the video cable appears to be original, as is the plastic bag. Has stickers on bottom with serial number. The console was never opened, barely even a fingerprint and the rubber feet are nice.

We did not try to unwrap the cables, we did not power test the machine, we are selling this vintage electronic relic in as-is condition - no returns. Based on condition it should probably work good, may need minor repair who knows but because of pristine cosmetic condition we are selling as a collectible for display purposes.

Magnavox Odyssey 500 Pong Video Game Console New Old Stock

Estimated Value: $100.00

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