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A scarce Apple II vintage computer role-playing game called The Magic Candle from the late 1980s by Mindcraft, still with original disks and box and map and instructions! Box in nice used condition, 2 original disks look good, and there is also a whole stack of backup disks which probably include saved games, character profiles, and such. Not only that but also included is a stack of notes written down with clues, keys, phrases, etc to help guide you to the Magic Candle. The previous owner was obviously someone who cared for the game and played it thoroughly, the extra notes and backups are cool, however all disks are untested and the clues could lead you down dark, dangerous paths. The map of "The Lands of Deruvia" folds out and is starting to split at some of the seams. Game requires 64K of memory :)

The Magic Candle Apple II Video Game RPG Mindcraft

Estimated Value: $65.00

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