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Excellent condition used 2009 Apple Macbook Pro Matte Antiglare Display 17" screen. 100% functioning perfectly, everything tested, files cleaned off, and ready for the next owner! Is running OS X 10.6.8 currently, operating system upgradable of course at your discretion. Here are the specs:

2.8 GHz Intel Core Duo
4 GB RAM 1067 MHz DDR3 (upgradable!)
500 GB Hard Drive (upgradable!)
NVidia GForce 9400m Video Card
Matte Antiglare Screen 1920 x 1200 Resolution
DVD R/W Drive
1 Firewire Port
3 USB Port
1 Display Port
1 Ethernet Port
Wifi and Bluetooth

The laptop has less than normal wear and tear for its age. There is one very minor dent on the top, and one dent on the side just above the Ethernet Port - both of these dents are only visible if you hold at an angle and carefully look for them. The screen, keys, and trackpad are all looking and working great. Battery life is still good, you get up to a couple hours on a charge which is typically for these. The bottom of the laptop has alot of scratches but nothing major or unusual. Overall the metal surfaces of the laptop is clean with a few spots/discolorations. The AC Adapter plug is also working good but is discolored and scratched, which is to be expected for these.

Comes with its original box and power adapter. Still has the internal holders, as well as the padded protectors - 1 attached to lid, 1 for above the laptop and 1 for inside of it. Also still there is the apple sticker. Apple has discontinued the Matte Anti-Glare Displays which was great for designers. The only superior Apple display you can buy today is the new retina screen laptop, and for a 17" laptop that will set you back around $3000, which is what this one cost originally.


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Macbook Pro Antiglare 17" 2.8 GHz Core Duo 4GB RAM 500GB

Estimated Value: $725.00

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