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Collection of 8 vintage LED calculators from the likes of Texas Instruments, Casio, Commodore, and Adler. Good classic models here, and still useful! Various bags, power supplies, and instruction manuals are included as shown in the photos. The nice TI-59 Programmable comes with Master Library Module 1 cartridge ROM. The Adler 805N is very rare, as are some others such as the Commodore US*3. The calculators are mostly in excellent clean working condition but these are vintage electronics so you might find a couple with an issue or some wear. They were briefly tested and the Casio Personal Mini (which is a rare blue color) plus the small Commodore didn't turn on properly, the rest were good.

Lot of 8 Vintage LED Calculators Commodore TI Casio

Estimated Value: $125.00

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