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Lot of 2 different Bill Viola video art works on VHS tapes. Hatsu-Yume First Dream (1981), and The Passing (1991). Released out of the Netherlands by Editions a Voir in the late 1990s. Hatsu-Yume is marked as NTSC format, the other has a sticker over where the format would be indicated, these both came from the same estate so I will assume both are NTSC format for USA. The Passing is still shrinkwrapped and sealed, never played, however there is one tear in the plastic wrap. These are untested video tapes and are being sold as-is for collecting, if the shrinkwrap is opened then no returns.

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Lot 2 Bill Viola VHS Video Art Editions Voir 1998 NTSC

Estimated Value: $70.00

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