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Crazy handheld video game made somewhere deep in the bowels of China, seemingly ridiculing the September 11th 2001 tragedy at the World Trade Center in NYC. Laden VS USA was made immediately after the events unfolded. Not many were made and these are somewhat rare. This one is nice and looks new, however someone very carefully cut open the bottom so the game could be removed and played, you can't see the opening unless you squeeze the sides together. The instructions manual is still inside the package too but we didn't pull it out just noticed the edges of it. The game was probably only played a few times and looks new, we tested it and for the first time finally played a few rounds of Laden VS USA which is alot like Missile Command or Space Invaders with loud digitized sound effects. So this copy you can display as it looks like new, or you can slide the game out to play, if you dare.

Laden VS USA 911 Handheld Video Game LCD Sept 11th

Estimated Value: $85.00