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Kilobaud magazine the complete Volume 2 set of 12 issues! January 1978 through December 1978  (actually 13 issues are included because there is a double of June #18). Wow these are in excellent condition still very white, obtained from the original owner who stored them vertically in a metal filing cabinet in a dry California garage, so they may have a slight bend and corners/edges a little dinged from storage but are very crisp clean and nice with no smell, no mildew or moisture damage. No handwriting found except you might find the owner's name written in a couple places.

What a great magazine from Wayne Green who also did 73 magazine and some important homebrew/kit computing books. These magazines are very dense and quite technical, really an amazing reference but still fun to read having the early craft computer community spirit intact.

Kilobaud Magazine Volume 2 Complete 12 Issues 1978

Estimated Value: $40.00

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