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Super rare LCD video game "Hunting" cartridge for the Savie Projection System by Funsation released in 1989. One of the most rare handheld cartridge systems ever, only a few known to exist from a limited release in Western Europe. This Hunting cartridge is also named in other languages on the box as "Chasse" and "Jacht". Complete in clean, good condition box with plastic tray (cracked from age), baggie, and folded instruction booklet, all looks unused. We don't have the projector to test it, we are selling the cartridge only as shown in photos no projector included, so cartridge sold in as-is untested condition.

The cartridge has 15 pins and LCD screen inside, which gets projected large onto a wall using a projector (not included). This is very similar to the Playtime LCD projection game system, but note these cartridges are not interchangeable with Playtime. Made by Funsation who around the same time also released LCD games in a plastic tabletop format. We have a couple other cartridges for sale - rare game collectors grab these now while you keep looking for the projector, because if you find one it probably won't come with additional cartridges!

Hunting Cartridge Savie LCD Projection Game System Funsation

Estimated Value: $75.00

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