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Very cool and desirable little vintage accordion by Hohner called the Liliput that was made in Germany from the World War II era. It was Hohner's smallest available accordion. We are selling this accordion as-is, for parts and repair. Not sure of key tuning. When played all the buttons appear to work and create notes with a pleasing vintage sound, however with a couple buttons the sound is off with some rattling. All the mechanics of the buttons seem tight with fast action response, however inside you can hear rattling around a couple loose parts. The bellows seem to have normal airflow. The surfaces are nice and look original, no cracks or major damage, original leather straps, the smell is good, no mold. This accordion is in beautiful original condition with some wear, but it requires servicing, we are selling this accordion as-is we are not experts on their operation and repair, and due to the shipping weight we prefer not to accept returns.


10 x 10 x 6 in

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Hohner Liliput Accordion Small Vintage Instrument

Estimated Value: $180.00