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Insanely rare, almost unheard of, wonderful little Frogger LCD electronic game by Halion, made even more obscenely rare by being released under the Grandstand label in their typical foil box design (gold not silver foil)! Only 1 other boxed copy is known to exist in collector hands. That makes this probably the most rare and difficult to find of any Frogger video game. Most likely what happened is the Frogger license was revoked shortly after its release and then pulled from store shelves. Game works great, sound, screen, and controls are all good. The screen has an area in the middle that looks oily in the center from certain angles, but doesn't look bad when looking at screen directly when playing. The game has been used a fair amount and thus has some wear to the bottom and near some of the controls. Comes with original styrofoam holder, instructions manual, and the box. Box has some wear to the edges and such - overall this game is not mint but considering the rarity this is a fabulous item to find.

Halion Frogger LCD Handheld Game Rare Grandstand Foil Box

Estimated Value: $649.00

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