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Very rare version of Crazy Climber  (the game that inspired Donkey Kong.) This tabletop electronic game was made by Entex and is much more difficult to find as compared to the similar Bandai tabletop version. This one still has the box, which has some damage from price tags or something caused areas with missing graphics on the front and side flap, these could probably be repaired with some clever printing and pasting but we left it alone for the buyer to decide. Comes with 2 styrofoam inserts, which are nice but have some wear to them, the instruction manual is missing. The game is nice cosmetic condition, has some wear visible in the white edges but nothing else major, the control panel and marquee is very nice as you can, the black plastic sides also nice, the bottom shows that it wasn't played much, the battery cover and terminals very clean. The game turns on, game starts with sounds, screen good, demo mode works, however the joysticks aren't fully working, only some directions are moving - the joystick contacts inside are dirty and need cleaning. This is common with Entex joysticks of this type. This vintage game is being sold for collecting purposes, for parts & repair only, not as a functioning electronic device.

Entex Crazy Climber Tabletop Electronic Game Boxed

Estimated Value: $200.00

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