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Very rare Black Knight Pinball from 1982 by Entex Electronics. These are so rare that only a few are known to exist and its more valuable than a full size Black Knight pinball machine! Entex must have lost the Williams license deal shortly after its release and the game was cancelled. It is nearly the same as Entex "Raise The Devil Pinball" not sure which came first. The condition of the game is near mint like it was hardly played. The styrofoam (with lid) is minty condition, original plastic bag is here, the instructions manual has some stain on it, and the box has wear and tear but still displays nice, there are missing flaps on bottom side of box.

It includes an extra bonus, which is a paper notice from "Aldens of Chicago" which states that the catalog listing of this game had a mistake in the description (see last photo). This artifact gives us a clue about its rarity, since thus far only a few have been found by collectors - why just a few? We assume this game was purchased via catalog mail-order, perhaps the game was only available that way for a short period of time and it never actually made it to retail store shelves otherwise. Our guess would be that although Black Knight Pinball was quickly discontinued, catalog vendors such as Aldens had either a limited supply on hand or they asked Entex to fulfil these orders for at least a few months after the catalog was printed listing Black Knight for sale? 

Entex Black Knight LED Pinball Handheld Game 1982 Boxed

Estimated Value: $2,000.00

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