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1st UK Hogarth Press edition (2nd printing) of "Death of the Moth" book of essays by Virginia Woolf, made in 1942 apparently for Canadian market. Hardcover has some soiling on the spine area, dust jacket is heavily soiled and torn, still mostly there and at least covered in mylar. Some calligraphic writing from Cambridge on the first free end page, otherwise clean inside. "A posthumous collection of her essays, written over a twenty year period, but issued ten years after her Second Common Reader. For the most part, the essays fall into two classes slight, charming, almost idyllic bits of atmosphere writing; and critical essays, chiefly on figures of a period past (Coleridge, Sara Coleridge, Shelley, Henry James, George Moore and others). There are a few - a very few - more personal bits - one on the subject of her horror of being thought middlebrow - high??, yes, but never the other. Only one even touches on the war. Interesting to read immediately after the Forster Virginia Woolf, and to trace and check with him through a fresh approach to unread material." (Kirkus Reviews)

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Death Of The Moth Virginia Woolf 1942 Hogarth 1st UK Edition

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