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Vintage Commodore calculator model SR-4148R. (SR stands for Slide Rule!) Rare early financial calculator by Commodore with lots of colorful buttons. Cosmetically in very good shape, functionally needs some work, so it is being sold as non-working. As is typical of these Commodore calculators the 3 AA internal rechargeable batteries are worn out and a little corroded. Luckily the corrosion did not seem to have spread anywhere else and everything inside looks clean - the battery rubber band is even still intact. To protect the insides of unit I removed these batteries from the red/black wires, so to get this working again you just need 3 new AA rechargeables taped together and wired back to the board, if you know how to tinker and do that stuff it should be easy to get this one running again. I don't have an AC adapter to test further, but I believe even if you had an adapter the rechargeable batteries would still need to be part of the circuit. 

Commodore LED Calculator SR-4148R

Estimated Value: $40.00

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