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Casio CG-93 "Bird Family" LCD handheld video game from the 1980s - new old stock, complete, and has never been played. Because it is brand new we did not want to open the screw on the back of game to replace the battery for testing. We will leave opening the game or testing it up to you. Keep in mind on these small Casio games the plastic is old and fragile, and the speaker wire is attached to the back when opened - if you attempt to open the game and damage the item in any way it cannot be returned. We are selling this is as a rare, unused vintage collectible. We have a few in stock and all are identical mint and new, no price stickers, no damage or wear to boxes. 

Casio CG-93 Bird Family LCD Handheld Game Watch NOS Unplayed

Estimated Value: $100.00

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