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An amazing promotional can used on the album cover of the rare 1975 proto heavy metal release by Cain "A Pound of Flesh" (8 prime cuts). This Cain can was recently found at the estate of a Twin Cities radio/music person and looks to be the original can and label, empty but never opened. The can was custom designed for Cain's album cover photography - bear in mind that areas of the Twin Cities where the band was based are known for the meat packing industry (South St Paul right on the Mississippi River). The graphics and typography are so "well done" it makes us think that a local meat packing company custom produced the label in-house for the band because for 1975 this looks too believable as a generic 16oz can of meat. Please see the photos of the can label design - its hilarious with meat puns galore and representative of vinyl record jacket design.

Not sure how many cans were produced and likely not many have survived, these surely were sent out to radio stations to promote the release of their first album "A Pound of Flesh". Someone wrote to share a vivid memory - at a local Twin Cities MN record store, when the album was first released they remember seeing a window display with the album and a bunch of these cans! So if select regional stores each got some cans then perhaps 100-200 or more were made.

Nowadays the vinyl record itself is very rare and a nice NM copy sells for $100 and up. The album cover is an absolute classic, and while their music would be classified as 70s hard rock (Rush, Grand Funk, Styx) the sinister band name and outrageous album design is early "metal" all the way. But what really matters is that the music is amazing - the guitar work and vocals on every song makes you wonder why your life's been starved of these 8 prime cuts. The band members had been honing their craft since the late 60's, and in the music it shows. This was their long awaited breakout album they had high hopes, they didn't slack on entertainment effort, and in this meat can it shows.

The can metal has plenty of oxidation, but no noticeable dings or dents. The label has plenty of spots and surface wear, but is not torn and the glued seam is good. Colors not faded! (please remember to keep away from UV light) This can looks exactly like it should for its age. Guaranteed to be the 1975 original and not some reprint copy! This is a piece of rock and roll history.


  • Place ingredients on phonograph. Turn volume to high. Allow enough time for needle to simmer down to grooves.
  • Makes eight separate servings.
  • Contains 100 percent of U.S. recommended daily allowance.



Cain A Pound Of Flesh Promotional Can From Vinyl Record

Estimated Value: $350.00

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