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Lot of 3 vintage music books from the late 60s and early 70s. Beatles Abbey Road "matching" music book easy guitar and all guitar, Paul McCartney matching music book all guitar edition, and The Doors words music and guitar chords edition. All are in used but good condition, however these are not minty pristine copies, they have wear to the edges and corners and have been used and handled. The spines and overall condition is good, smell is good, no moisture damage, no writing except owner's name on title page, and one page of The Doors book has some chords written on The Crystal Ship. The Doors cover has become separated from the staples, while the other 2 are bound books and the spines are still good. The Beatles book had a perforated page on the front inside, whatever page was attached was carefully removed not sure what it was. Early/first editions of these books with full page photos and cool designs throughout.

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Beatles Mccartney Doors Vintage Music Book Lot 3 Hansen Publications

Estimated Value: $42.00

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