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BCX411 vintage frequency generator Rife therapy machine with original power supply. BCX is one of the oldest manufacturers of frequency healing machines that are still in business. Very nice clean condition looks like it wasn't used much, when tested with power supply the red indicator light comes on - we don't have any other accessories to go with it so this is all we can test except to say the power supply and generator stays cool and didn't make any sounds so this is also good. The BCX211 module is not included here and we do not know whether that additional module is required for the BCX411 to work correctly. From our research it seems possible that the BCX411 can be operated directly from a Windows PC Laptop, but don't have the software or instructions. This item does not come with the 2 glass tube wands either, however we discovered that the same BCX noble gas tube wands can be reordered for $85 each, or even a different nicer type or gas wands can be found for $150 each (we would be happy to share that information with the buyer). Please note one of the black plastic feet has split in half being brittle from age, could easily be glued back together or replaced but we will leave that up to the experts (you). We are selling this rare electronic item in as-is condition for parts and repair - no returns. Please do not purchase this item unless you understand you are only buying vintage collectible "parts". A fully complete BCX package costs over $2000, so if you know what you are doing you could use these parts to hopefully assemble your own healing machine setup.

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BCX-411 Frequency Generator Therapy Machine with Power Supply

Estimated Value: $300.00

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