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Extremely difficult to find Tutankham tabletop game by Bandai (licensed by Konami) in 1982 - this is the orange colored Asahi version! This version was made in Japan for European export, rebranded by Asahi as type AKA-001, and is distinct from the Japanese market Bandai version (which is white in color and has a different box). That other white Japanese version is very rare and can take years to locate a high quality boxed specimen, however this orange bodied type is even more rare.

This game appears to have never been played except for testing. The game works perfectly and is like new condition still inside its original baggie and with 2 original left/right styrofoam pieces and instructions manual, all very clean and like new. The box here is VERY nice, just the smallest amount of edge and corner wear, side flaps bulging out very slightly from weight/stacking, and luckily NO price stickers were ever affixed on it. Please note a small styrofoam piece is missing, its just a rectangular chunk of styrofoam that fits into gaps between the left and right styrofoams, a replacement piece could easily be found or made. Other than that styrofoam piece this one is perfect, complete, new.

This Tutankham game plays much like the standup arcade version by Konami. You shoot left and right by firing while moving, the monsters move fast and chase you down while you navigate the tomb and collect the treasures. Great loud sounds too. Outer box dimensions are 9 x 9 x 4.5 inch. The hardware, screen, sound, and controls are all top quality design - if you haven't ever played this series of Bandai color VFD games (vacuum fluorescent display) think of this like the Cadillac of tabletop games. Video game design perfection - like what you'd expect from a Nintendo Game & Watch but even nicer! Item shown in photos is the exact item you shall receive.

Bandai Tutankham VFD Tabletop Game Rare Orange Asahi NEW

Estimated Value: $1,000.00

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