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Super crazy "Adult" vintage electronic game kit gadget! This rare one from the 1980s is called "Na Kobita" in Japanese which translates roughly to "The Flirtation" oh my. This is from the Tectron series by Bandai, which are video games released as electronic maker kits, typically these kits came mostly assembled but with extra parts for add-on gadgetry such as radios or bicycle odometers. Still has box and styrofoam and instruction and bags and looks like all the parts are here still unassembled. The game looks minty and has a cool folding screen design, with some of the board contacts exposed for customization in a clear plastic front cover, and there is a cool metal plate over the control panel with a pixelated character sprite reminiscent of Nintendo Game & Watch design. Game has been tested and is only PARTIALLY WORKING, so please be advised this is being sold as-is, no returns, a broken game for parts and repair. Good thing is the game mostly works, sound and controls seems OK, the problem is with the top half of LCD screen has some problems the time/score numbers are messed up and the bird which flies above the poor naked woman is missing parts of the LCD sprite. The lower half of screen seems ok including the little gnomes that appear to strip the clothes of the woman. Great electronic collectible curiosity - for adults only!

Bandai Tectron Na Kobita Adult LCD Game Vintage Electronic Kit

Estimated Value: $150.00