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Great deal on a netbook laptop by Asus model Eee PC 1005ha with original power supply plug, this little 10.1 inch screened machine has the Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz processor and a whole Gig of RAM. 160GB hard disk with Windows XP Home service pack 3. Everything works great, the only problem is that the battery needs to be replaced. These only cost a few bucks and aren't hard to change, just remember that you will need to do that yourself otherwise every time you boot up it will ask you reset the clock. The price is a steal, looks like it was hardly used! Interestingly enough, this laptop was owned by someone from X.com which later became Paypal, there is old data on it and seems like the netbook was used for demos at a tech convention booth.


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Asus Laptop EEE PC 1005HA Netbook Windows XP

Estimated Value: $45.00

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