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HUGE lot of quality vintage software floppy disks for Apple Macintosh computers. All came from the same Bay Area California estate and are releases from the early to mid 1990s. Please see photos and ask questions if necessary. There are a few disks included which are not shown in the photo spreads, in total we have a little over 350 disks. All software included are originals, these are not backup copies. Disks have not been tested but all are clean and organized, my guess would be that 95% of them work fine. For instance if an installation requires 4 floppies, then you could expect to find all 4 that are required. The 4 tray holders shown in the photo are not included, as they are large and don't have their lids so they don't seem very useful. However if you really want them I am happy to ship them to you with the disks. Please feel free to ask specific questions.

There are a few boring ones here like fax or anti-virus software, but most of them are useful or rare titles. Not many games except Scrabble, the software collection is mostly development, graphics, hacking, and system utility. Some very cool ones here, for instance how about version 1 of the NCSA Mosaic web browser? OR...

Adobe installs for Photoshop 2.5 and 3, Premiere 3.0, SuperATM, WildType, TextureMaker.
​Multiple versions of Macintosh system software, some for PowerBook Duo.
Claris products such as MacWrite, Hypercard, and FileMaker.
​Aldus products such as Gallery Effects, PrePrint, PageMaker.
Software of the Month Club 1994, Berkeley Macintosh Users Group (BMUG) 1991-1994.
Kai's Power Tools, Specular Collage, Gryphon Morph, Font Bank, Painter 3, Fractals, the list goes on and on!

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Apple Macintosh Software Floppy Disk Lot 350+

Estimated Value: $195.00