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Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch from mid-2010. Very clean and in perfectly working condition! Comes with power adapter and both DVD discs from Apple, they are later official versions sent from Apple support, not the original DVDs. Used the discs to install a fresh version of OS X version 10.6.4. Laptop is a 2.66 Mhz Intel Core Duo with 4GB RAM and a 250 GB SATA hard disc. Comes with all the usual goodies like wireless networking and DVD read/write drive. The screen is beautiful condition, and the keys and trackpad are nice and crisp. There are some small spots on the underside (see photo) but the rubber pads nearby are like new. After testing the battery charge holds a long time, longer than usual for these so this machine has alot of good life left on it. A great Macbook Pro for the price!


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Apple Macbook Pro Mid 2010 13" 2.66 Ghz 4GB 250GB Model A1278

Estimated Value: $350.00

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