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Lot of 3 Apple portable devices, each with various issues, being sold for parts and repair. First is a white iPhone 4s that appears to be brand new, but does not power on. When charged up, eventually the white Apple logo appears on the screen, so some functions are OK, may just be software issues. Next gadget is a black Apple iPod Touch 8Gb. This one has the opposite situation, as it functions perfectly but has a cracked screen. The screen should be easily replaced. There is one spot on the edge of case where it is bent from impact, likely what caused the screen to crack. Even with the screen currently as it is, I was able to test and use the iPod Touch, controls, connect to the Internet, charge up normally, etc. Last item in the lot is another Apple iPhone, a black iPhone 3 with 8 Gb. This one has some typical wear and tear and is in good condition, with a nice un-cracked screen, but it will not power on at all.


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Apple iPhone 4s & iPod Touch Used Damaged Parts Repair Lot

Estimated Value: $85.00